QT2000 is a diamond wire CNC profiling machine, for the realization of curvilinear cuts on natural stone, programmable through the CAD/CAM software with touch screen graphic interface.

The great reliability and versatility, combined with the low costs of the QT2000, make it one of the best-selling machines in the history of Bidese.

The QT2000 profiling machine is designed to be able to cut with all the different diameters of diamond wire available on the market today, including the innovative Ø4.3mm wire produced by Bidese Qteq, without the need to replace the polyurethane profiles on the guiding pulleys.

The main advantages of QT2000 are:

  • Reliability: minimizes any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Efficiency: the pneumatic tensioning minimizes the mechanical stress of the diamond wire.
  • High cutting precision: due to the accurate guiding pulley system.
  • Service costs: the lowest in the category.
  • Easy programming: Through CAD/CAM and import/export of DXF files.
  • CAD/CAM training: included at the installing.
  • Remote assistance: allows you to minimize any machine downtime.
  • Warranty: 24 months warranty on mechanical, electrical and electronic parts.