DIECI is a multiwire machine designed for the transformation of marble, granite and natural stone blocks into slabs with variable thicknesses starting from 20 mm up to 60 mm (thickness range obtainable with 10 diamond wires installed). Bigger thicknesses can be obtained with fewer wires installed in the machine.

The DIECI multiwires are designed to be able to cut with all the different diameters of diamond wire available on the market today.

The DIECI model is equipped with 10 diamond wires, but the machine can be produced up to 18 wires, as its supporting structure is highly solid.

Thanks to the technology of DIECI and the use of the innovative Ø4,3mm diamond wire, it achieves a 16% of stone saving comparing to the traditional multiwire machines on the market.

The main advantages of DIECI are:

  • Stability: thanks to its simple and solid structure.
  • Efficiencyits pneumatic tensioning minimizes the mechanical stress of the diamond wire, increasing its productivity.
  • Versatility: variable thicknesses from 20 to 60 mm (it's possible to obtain slabs with bigger thickness by removing a certain number of diamond wires).
  • High cutting precision: thanks to the accurate guiding of the diamond wire through guiding drums with easily exchangeable polyurethane profile.
  • Service costs: the lowest of all multiwire machines on the market.
  • Stone savings: up to 16% thanks to the Ø4.3mm diamond wire.
  • Energy saving: up to 25% thanks to the Ø4.3mm diamond wire.
  • Reduction of residual sludge : up to 40% thanks to the Ø4.3mm diamond wire.
  • Fast wire interchange: thanks to an open triangular structure with comfortable stairs to the tensioner system.
  • Remote assistance: allows to minimize any machine downtime.
  • Warranty: 24 months warranty on mechanical, electrical and electronic parts.