BIDESE-QTEQ is an innovative company founded by Michele Bidese, a partner of the past BIDESE IMPIANTI company, which was established in Fara Vicentino – Vicenza (Italy) in the year 1987.


Throughout the years, BIDESE IMPIANTI  become the leading Italian company to design and produce multi-diamond wire cutting machines for cutting of granite slabs from the main dimension blocks.


The technical experience and the stone processing passion developed by BIDESE IMPIANTI, allowed the company to courageously introduce very innovative technical solutions which, after some years of necessary development, started a real revolution in industrial cutting of granite slabs within the main stone processing factories worldwide.


From the beginning of the years 2000, the revolutionary multiwire machines produced by BIDESE IMPIANTI started to be appreciated in the main international markets for their productivity, quality and performances, so that many  Bidese multi-wire machines were supplied worldwide, together with their diamond cutting wires, in a optimized and competitive package of machines + tools.


As the new multiwire technology become accepted, appreciated and requested, Bidese initial challenge turned into a concrete reality and a great success.


Until the end of the year 2011, BIDESE IMPIANTI continued to expand its activities, supplying more than hundred multi-diamond wire machines in worldwide and becoming the international leader in the multi-diamond wire machines cutting technology.


In the year 2012 the partners of BIDESE IMPIANTI sold their business, while at the top of their success, being aware that the technology of multi-wire machines was reaching its maturity.

Having today available innovative technologies, with the qualified support of anexperienced technical research team, Michele Bidese started a new chapter in multi-wire technologies with the new company BIDESE-QTEQ!

Bidese Impianti Srl - 2011