Q-TEQ is the world leader in the production of innovative multicore machines designed for cutting different geologically types of materials, including marble and granite.


Q-TEQ is in the process of implementing a project co-financed from the European Union funds. “Launching of multi-stranded machines and modern cutting line” and will be executed in the framework of the program Intelligent Growth, sub-measure 3.2.1 “Research for the market”.

The total investment amounts to 27,5 mln PLN of which 17 850 thus PLN is co-financed by the EU.


The subject of the project is the launch on the market of an innovative multi-wire machine designed for cutting stone slabs of various geological origin, including marble and granite. The device will be adapted to cut rock blocks in various widths by implementing cutting technology with cutting-edge technical parameters, unique in the world scale.


Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in tenders for the purchase of tangible assets.


All information regarding formal and technical issues can be found back on our website or on the portal  (