Technical evaluation and preliminary consultancy

Experience and professionalism represent the philosophy behind the development of the solutions provided.
BIDESE-QTEQ indeed works together with the clients giving a qualified support for the evaluation of the investment and not only limited to the supply of the multiwire cutting machines required.

The final target is to study and propose to each customer a customized solution perfectly in line with his specific requirements which summarizes the complete BIDESE-QTEQ know how for what regards machines, process, automation, diamond wires and work cycles.

At your disposal are qualified technicians experienced in:

  • Technical evaluation and design of the complete processing plant
  • Preliminary analysis of the processing cycles and feasibility study
  • System Integration
  • Evaluation and selection of the available technological options

After-sales services

An efficient and rapid after sale service is a BIDESE-QTEQ priority.

Qualified technical personnel is able to rapidly solve the single customers issues offering specific advise on the best use of the complete BIDESE-QTEQ machines range, being available for any required assistance , contacting the dedicated service mailbox:

BIDESE-QTEQ after sales service is well appreciated by the customers from the first installation and start-up of the machines and their tools when the technicians will supply the customers all instructions required for the best use of both machines and tools (i.e. multiwires and diamond wires), allowing him to exploit at the best the quality of the products and to operate independently in the following processing phases.

The professionality of the BIDESE-QTEQ technicians helps the customers to obtain the best reliability from the diamond tools with which they work on daily basis.

To supply a complete service, BIDESE-QTEQ also offers programmed maintenance services in order to check periodically the machines conditions and minimize their possible downtime.

The BIDESE-QTEQ machines are moreover supplied with the necessary interfaces for remote diagnosys and assistance, with a direct link to the BIDESE-QTEQ technical office.