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Home - Qteq Bidese

Series Premia

Research and development

Diamonds wires

Solution for your business


The structure of each model is designed for stability, which can handle up to 72 lines.


PREMIA consists of modular elements that can be assembled according to the number of wires required.


Responding to the most demanding needs means locating the PREMIA solution to use all the different diamond wire diameters available on the market.

  • Experience


  • Energy


  • Diamond Wires


QTEQ was born from the experience of Michele Bidese

The value of an investment in multiwire QTEQ machines changes over time mainly based on three factors:

  • Actual use
  • Efficiency
  • Residual value

In order for the customer to identify QTEQ as a concrete support, important resources have been devoted to this delicate process of supplying spare parts, with the aim of preserving the value of the products purchased over time.