Multiwire for cutting slabs of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and more.

Multiwire for cutting thicknesses and slabs.

Multiwire for cutting thicknesses and slabs.

Profiling machine for the realization of shaped surfaces.

Monowire for cutting and squaring blocks.


Bidese Qteq was born from the experience of Michele Bidese

The value of an investment in multiwire Bidese Qteq is acquired over time thanks to 3 main factors:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Savings

The innovative Bidese Qteq multiwire machines designed and optimized for the Ø4.3 mm wire, guarantees high cutting speed and precision, as well as a higher yield in m2 produced per m3 of material, reducing electrical consumption and reducing the amount of sludge produced. The solid construction of the machines, the innovative technical solutions adopted and the components selected from the best international brands, guarantees a very high reliability.


The customized product is the added value par excellence that Bidese Qteq is able to offer within the development process. Bidese Qteq, thanks to the experience, know-how and use of the most advanced technologies, offers to the customer the most suitable solution based on his requests and needs.

R&D: Looking to the future


The research and development department represents the fundamental point of mechanical engineering and development, strongly oriented towards innovation and continuous product improvement.

Bidese Qteq guarantees the best skills in the engineering field, thanks to a highly qualified staff that studies the customer's specific needs and solutions.